The cops, Not just a job

After a police career spanning over 20 years a time equally divided between General Duties and Criminal Investigation as a detective I have put down some of the experiences, some very sad, some very exciting and some that got a laugh. The story starts with, what makes a police officer touching on my life experiences before the cops, as a boilermaker and miner underground in Broken Hill followed by a grueling five years traveling as a tour bus driver. The Redfern police academy followed by front line service at Cabramatta, a place where one needed to learn the job quickly. My service, marriage and children continued on in the western suburbs of Sydney until a transfer to the mid north coast fell into my lap. After a few months at Taree, I moved to the small police station at Forster where I lived. The job here was different, most shifts other than weekends were worked alone with the nearest backup some 30 minutes away. Forster proved to be a busy station with the ever-happening break and enters, car theft, domestic assaults and always alcohol-fueled offences. Basically if they played up in Forster they got locked up. After some 8 years in the job I found the niche I wanted, as a detective. Forster had two D’s and I was relieving when one or the other was away on leave or on courses. This opened me up to the possibility of a permanent position as a detective anywhere in the state. However, I was lucky when I won the vacancy at Forster when one of the Detectives was promoted and moved. The work was even more demanding, we took on any and everything and even though I had my fair share of court appearances they seemed to be happening all the time. The IA complaints were also ever-present, in the cops if you were out and about locking up crooks, IA complaints and the subsequent investigations were ever-present. I was fortunate to have been taught and worked with two very good honest Detective Sergeants in Lee Falson and Graham Furlonger whose honesty and ethics rubbed off earning me zero sustained complaints. The stories told in this tome are varied and involve simple assaults, thefts and the ever present deceased persons who leave this earth in many different ways. In deference to the everyday mundane jobs, we also had the odd murder, sexual assault and armed robbery. Some of these events are catastrophic to the victims and those close to them, it also had a telling affect on those who had to tidy up the aftermath. These stories culminate in the untimely demise of my career through a life and death event where I was eventually retired.