The Cops, not just a job.

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Trevor Carroll’s true crime memoir  of a career with the NSW Police Force. His baptism in the job took place in cauldron of Cabramatta during 1982. It was here that the seasoned Cabramatta cops taught him the job. After three busy years with cops that were not known to take a backward step he was posted to the supposedly peaceful town of Forster working alone more often than not. Daily challenges were faced and overcome in a sometimes hostile environment, from both friend and foe. By 1991 he was out of uniform and in plain-clothes as a detective. That role saw him tasked with more complex and protracted criminal investigations. In 1999 he endured a life and death struggle with an offender that ended with a shooting. These stories describe just a fraction of the jobs encountered during that career, tales cherry-picked to enlighten the reader of the diversity in a working cops life.

These tales include. # Burglary & pursuit. # Signal One wedding. # Person on premises. # Armed siege. # Drug overdose. # Suicide. # Brawls. # A.I.D.S.         # Cold case shipwreck. #Murder. # Home Invasion. # Cannabis Plantations.   # Arson. # Child sexual assault. # Gang rape. # Double attempted  murder. #Escapee shot, recaptured.