Crossing Continents with Top Deck The travel revolutions of the 70s – 90s

Top Deck double deckers offered a revolutionary form of long-distance transport from the 70s to the 90s. The large Bristish Lodekkas carried under 35s vast distances through SE Asia, the Middle East and Australia in a new innovative mode of no frills adventure tourism. Taken on by Top Deck as a double decker bus driver in early 1977, TREVOR CARROLL conducted European tours for a year before he was set loose on his first overland tour, London to Kathmandu and return. A three-week dash to Kathmandu had the tour stumbling into the start of the civil war in Afghanistan mixing with a government crackdown and soldiers and tanks on the roads. Trevor describes his exciting and sometimes harrowing experiences on six overland trips as both driver and courier. Finally, he embarked on the massive 20-week Sydney to London tour in 1980 with its third and final leg aboard “Casper” and its 20 occupants across India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Jordan Israel, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Italy. This tour passed through 21 countries and covered 34,000 kilometres conquering places where the buses’ designers never meant it to go. This the authors final tour where he his future wife, Hilde.