‘Crossing Continents with Top Deck, the travel revolution of the 70s-90s’

Top Deck double deckers offered a revolutionary form of long-distance transport from the 70s to the 90s. The large Bristish Lodekkas carried under 35s for Top Deck Travel vast distances through SE Asia, the Middle East and Australia in a new innovative mode of no frills adventure tourism. Taken on by Top Deck as a double decker bus driver in early 1977, the author conducted back to back European tours for a year before he was set loose on his first overland tour, London to Kathmandu and return. A three-week dash to Kathmandu stumbling into t

‘Coming Soon’ The Cops, Not Just a Job

After a police career spanning over 20 years a time equally divided between General Duties and Criminal Investigation as a detective I have put down some of the experiences, some very sad, some very exciting and some that got laugh. The story starts with, what makes a police officer touching on my life experiences before the cops, as a boilermaker and miner in the mines of Broken Hill followed by a grueling five years traveling as a tour bus driver. The Redfern police academy followed by frontline service at Cabramatta, a place where one needed to